Sponsored Research

  • Creating a Collateral for Supporting Popular ML Applications on AWS Infrastructure through National AI Resource Platform

    PI: Adway Mitra

  • Integrated Information System and Knowledge Discovery Platform for ONGC

    PI: Jiaul Hoque Paik

  • Adaptive Interaction with Learning Material Repository through Analysis of Access Pattern

    PI: Plaban Kumar Bhowmick 

  • Enhancing User Experience in Digital Library with Metadata Knowledge Graph

    PI: Plaban Kumar Bhowmick

  • Casualty - Preserving Simulation and Short-Term Forecast of Extreme Climatic Events

    PI: Adway Mitra

  • Setting up of Teaching Learning Centre for Pedagogy Design and Research

    PI: Plaban Kumar Bhowmick

  • Behavior Modeling in Multi-sensor Environments - Integrating Environment Sensing, Human Sensing & Social Sensing for Rich Insights - Smart Classroom

    PI:  Jiaul Hoque Paik

  • A Computational Backbone Design Framework for Industrial Processes to Enable Industry 4.0 Readiness

    PI:Arnab Sarkar

  • Mission Impossible? Post-Quantum Secure Computation on Encrypted Data with Distributed Description

    PI:  Ayantika Chatterjee

  • Polynomial Inverse Eigenvalue Problem and Applications

    PI:  Swanand Ravindra Khare