The Centre of Excellence in Artificial Intelligence (CoEAI), established in 2018, is an educational and research centre of AI and ML innovations at IIT Kharagpur. Building on IIT Kharagpur's three decades of pioneering research, the centre is dedicated to revolutionizing industries and society through AI. We focus on four key areas: groundbreaking research, advanced teaching, collaborative industry projects, and dynamic entrepreneurship. Our mission is to forge a future where AI empowers progress and innovation, shaping leaders and pioneers for a transformative tomorrow.

Join us in shaping the future of AI!

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19 JUN 2024

We, at the Centre of Excellence in Artificial Intelligence in IIT Kharagpur, will be conducting a workshop…


10 JUN 2024

The Computer Science Engineering and Centre of Excellence in Artificial Intelligence are organizing…


13 NOV 2023

Centre of Excellence in Artificial Intelligence, IIT Kharagpur will be having its Research Day on 13th…


  • AI Shiksha (National Artificial Intelligence Resource Portal)
    AI Shiksha (NAIRP) is a website developed by Centre of Excellence in AI, sponsored by Amazon Web Service and supported by the Ministry of Education, Government of India. It is a repository for research papers, datasets and online course materials related to AI and related areas. It also contains the video lectures, course materials and auto-evaluated… Read more
  • Campus Modeller
    This is a software developed by Centre of Excellence in AI in partnership with i-Hub Drishti, IIT Jodhpur and Prithvi.ai, funded by Department of Science and Technology, Govt. of India under the RAKSHAK scheme against Covid-19. The software allows us to simulate the spread of a pandemic like Covid-19 in any university campus, under various hypothetical… Read more