Interdisciplinary Dual Degree Program in Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Applications

The centre offers a dual-degree (M.Tech) program for students of IITKGP who are currently enrolled in 4-year UG programs in any department that have partnership with the centre. Interested students may apply by the end of their 6th semester. There are currently 40 seats available. Selected students will have to complete 5 core subjects by their 8th semester, including one (AI42001) before applying. They also have to complete 3 elective subjects from the centre in their 9th and 10th semesters, and also carry out MTP-1 and MTP-2 under the centre's supervision.

This program may be opted for by students of BTech or BS program belonging to various Departments by the end of their 6th Semester. The selection will be based on seat availability, the students’ Department, and the students’ academic performance till their 6th semester.

For eligibility to apply, a student should have completed the following subject as a "breadth subject" by the end of their 6th semester:

AI42001Machine Learning Foundations and Applications3-0-3 (5)Autumn + Spring

Selected students will have to take the following core subjects in semesters 7 and 8:

Semester 7

AI61005Artificial Intelligence Foundations and Applications3-1-0 (4)Autumn+Spring
AI61003Linear Algebra for AI and ML3-1-0 (4)Autumn

Semester 8

Deep Learning Foundations and Applications3-1-0 (4)Spring
AI69002Design Lab0-0-3 (2)Spring

In the 9th and 10th semester, the student should take at least 3 electives from the list below:

AI61004Statistical Foundations of AI and ML3-1-0 (4)Spring
AI61006Artificial Intelligence for Cyber-physical Systems3-1-0 (4)Spring
AI61009Artificial Intelligence for Manufacturing3-1-0 (4)Autumn
AI60002Machine Learning for Earth System Science3-0-0 (3)Spring
AI60003Artificial Intelligence for Economics3-0-0 (3)Autumn
AI60004Big Data Processing3-0-0 (3)Spring
AI60006Dependable and Secure AI-ML3-0-0Spring
AI60008Knowledge Modelling and Semantic Web Technologies3-0-0Spring

The student should also do MTP-1 and MTP-2, under faculty members from the centre or partner departments.