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AWS-IIT Kharagpur Hackathon, 2019
General Instructions

The Hackathon poses three research challenges relevant to our country. The competition is open to any IIT Kharagpur student. Team sizes of at most 5 members are allowed. Teams need to register within the deadline. For each of the challenges an initial data set will be released after registration. The final test data will be released later. Immediately after release of test data (24hrs) the competition closes. Evaluation scores will be computed after that.

Problem statements and Evaluation Criteria:

Timeline: Problem statement to be released on 5th September Registration deadline by 17th September Example Data to be released in public by 22th September
Test set released (without outputs): 6th November Competition closes: 7th November
Results declared: 17th November
Prize Distribution: after end-semester exams

Prize Amount: INR 40,000 (winner), INR 20,000 (runners-up)

up.AI (pronounced “upay” (उपाय), meaning “solution” in Hindi) is a joint initiative of The Department of Computer Science and Engineering, IIT Kharagpur and the Centre for Excellence in Artificial Intelligence, IIT Kharagpur to invite the KGPians to learn and identify burning problems in our country and create AI powered solutions.

Industry Connect

Prof P P Chakrabarti, Director of IIT Kharagpur met with several industry members and Alumni in Bengaluru on 6th October 2018 along with Prof Sudeshna Sarkar and Prof Aritra Hazra. There were discussions with various stakeholders on the roadmap for the Centre for Artificial intelligence IIT Kharagpur including the founding sponsors, corporates, participating faculty from industry and other institutions, startups and alumni.